Equipment list

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For getting access to any of our systems, always contact Prof. Presser directly.

Equipment nameCommentsCategory
Battery cycler unitsSeveral systems from batsmall and ArbinElectrochemistry
Glove boxSeveral MBraun system
Oxygen and humidity sensors
Solvent removal system
In-built high-temperature furnace
Coin cell pressMechanical press
Facile coin cell manufacturing
Several units
Electrochemical dilatometerTwo units for measurements in aqueous electrolytes, organic electrolytes, or ionic liquidsElectrochemistry
Electrochemical pressure cellMeasurements of pressure-buildup in electrochemical cellsElectrochemistry
Electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance1-10 MHz
Static mode or flow cell mode
Climate chamberSeveral units
Range: 5°C to +100°C or -40°C to +180°C
Temperature stability: < 1°C
Four point probe stageRounded tips for fiber measurements
Fully automatized system
Gamry Reference 6001-channel system
Impedance spectroscopy
Biologic potentiostat/galvanostat unitsSeveral SP-240, SP-300, VSP-300, and VMP-300 systems
Impedance spectroscopy
High current option
Linear scan generator
Rotating ring disk electrode apparatusRRDE3A system
Currently set up for glassy carbon disc with
platinum ring
Electrochemical cells & reference electrodesFor aqueous and organic electrolytes and ionic
2 and 3 electrode measurements
Custom made compression cells
Commercial EL-lCell test cells
Conventional Swagelock cells
Conventional coin cells
Gas sorption unitAutosorbiQ system
Designed for nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxid
Additional chemisorption unit
Pressure range: down to 50-10 mbar
Material characterization
Linkam CCR1000 heating stageCompatible with Raman spectrometer for in situ measurements
Up to 1000°C
Controllable atmosphere
Material characterization
Renishaw inVia Raman spectrometerAvailable wavelengths: 532 & 633 nm
Fully automatized xyzstage
Combined with fiber optical probe (40 m cable)
Material characterization
Scanning electron microscopeJEOL SEM JSM7500F
Cold field-emission scanning electron microscope
0.1-30 keV
Maximum resolution ~ 1 nm (at 15 keV)
r-Filter system
SE and BSE detectors
Oxford EDX system
Material characterization
Thermogravimetric analyzerNetzsch Libra TG 209 F1; equipped with an automated sample changer (64)
Temperature range up to 1100°C
Up to 2 g sample mass
Mass resolution: 0.1 μg
Material characterization
Titration setupMetrohm 848 Titrino plus
Potentimetric titrator for acid/base titrations (e.g., Boehm-titration)
Material characterization
X-ray diffractometerBruker D8 with Lynxeye and optional VANTAC
detector, Göbel mirrors and analysis software
Material characterization
Atomic layer deposition systemPlasma and thermal ALD
Fully enclosed in an inert gas glove box
Chlorination / H2S furnaceUp to 1100°C
Controllable atmosphere
Automatized gas flow and process flow
Certified for the use of chlorine, hydrogen,
argon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and ammonia
Gero high temperature furnaceUp to 2000°C
inert gas or light vacuum
Lesker physical vapor deposition systemCustom-built system by Kurt J. Lesker
Magnetron sputtering (DC-sputtering, RF-sputtering, DC-RF-cosputtering)
Electron beam physical vapor deposition
Ion beam physical vapor deposition
Heated and rotatable sample holder
MECC nanofiber electrospinnerDrum and plate collector
Coaxial and monoaxial spinnig
Heated spinnaret
Thermal CVD systemDesigned for growth of graphene and carbon nanotubes
Mass flow controllers
Up to 1100°C (VG Scienta)
Vacuum technologies furnacesVacuum system and inert gas systemSynthesis
Xerion PendelofenOscillating furnace mounted in a glove obxSynthesis
Xerion HD furnaceFully enclosed in inert gas glove box
Temperature: up to 1800°C (at several 100 K/min heating rate)
Pressure: down to 10-4 mbar
Capacitive deionization systemsFlow and static mode
Several systems available
Custom-built CDI units
Designed for flow-by operation mode
Apt for desalination of brackish or sea water salinity levels
Water treatment
ICP-OES system for online monitoring of desalinationICPOES Arcos system
Online monitoring
130-770 nm wavelength range
750 mm focal length
Fastest measurement time: 2 s
Water treatment