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Salihovic, M; Hüsing, N; Bernardi, J; Presser, V; Elsässer, M S

Carbon aerogels with improved flexibility by sphere templating Journal Article

RSC Advances, 8 (48), pp. 27326-27331, 2018.

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Krüner, B; Dörr, T S; Shim, H; Sann, J; Janek, J; Presser, V

Gyroidal porous carbon activated with NH3 or CO2 as lithium-sulfur battery cathodes Journal Article

Batteries & Supercaps, 1 (2), pp. 83-94, 2018.

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Srimuk, P; Lee, J; Fleischmann, S; Aslan, M; Kim, C; Presser, V

Potential-dependent, switchable ion selectivity in aqueous media using titanium disulfide Journal Article

ChemSusChem, 11 (13), pp. 2091-2100, 2018.

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Zornitta, R L; Srimuk, P; Lee, J; Krüner, B; Aslan, M; Ruotolo, L A M; Presser, V

Charge and potential balancing for optimized capacitive deionization using lignin-derived, low-cost activated carbon electrodes Journal Article

ChemSusChem, 11 (13), pp. 2101-2113, 2018.

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Tolosa, A

Electrospun carbon hybrid fibers as binder-free electrodes for electrochemical energy storage PhD Thesis

Saarland University, 2018.

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Casco, M E; Badaczewski, F; Grätz, S; Tolosa, A; Presser, V; Smarsly, B M; Borchardt, L

Mechanochemical synthesis of porous carbon at room temperature with a highly ordered sp2 microstructure Journal Article

Carbon, 139 (1), pp. 325-333, 2018.

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Widmaier, M; Pfeifer, K; Bommer, L; Presser, V

Valence-tuned lithium titanate nanopowder for high-rate electrochemical energy storage, 1(1) (2018) 11-26. Journal Article

Batteries & Supercaps, 1 (1), pp. 11-26, 2018.

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Krüner, B; Odenwald, C; Jäckel, N; Tolosa, A; Kickelbick, G; Presser, V

Silicon oxycarbide beads from continuously produced polysilsesquioxane as stable anode material for lithium-ion batteries Journal Article

ACS Applied Energy Materials, 1 (6), pp. 2961-2970, 2018.

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Fleischmann, S; Zeiger, M; Quade, A; Kruth, A; Presser, V

Atomic layer deposited molybdenum oxide/carbon nanotube hybrid electrodes: Influence of crystal structure on lithium-ion capacitor performance Journal Article

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 10 (22), pp. 18675-18684, 2018.

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Kim, C; Srimuk, P; Lee, J; Presser, V

Enhanced desalination via cell voltage extension of membrane capacitive deionization using an aqueous/organic bi-electrolyte Journal Article

Desalination, 443 (1), pp. 56-61, 2018.

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Lim, E; Shim, H; Fleischmann, S; Presser, V

Fast and stable lithium-ion storage kinetics of anatase titanium dioxide/carbon onion hybrid electrodes Journal Article

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 6 (20), pp. 9480-9488, 2018.

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Widmaier, M

Improvement of hybrid supercapacitors by optimization of electrode design and material properties PhD Thesis

Saarland University, 2018.

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Srimuk, P; Halim, J; Lee, J; Tao, Q; Rosen, J; Presser, V

Two-dimensional molybdenum carbide (MXene) with divacancy ordering for brackish and sea water desalination via cation and anion intercalation Journal Article

ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering , 6 (3), pp. 3739-3747, 2018.

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Lee, J; Badie, S; Pattarachai, S; Ridder, A; Shim, H; Choudhury, S; Nah, Y -C; Presser, V

Electrodeposition of hydrated vanadium pentoxide on nanoporous carbon cloth for hybrid energy storage Journal Article

Sustainable Energy & Fuels, 2 (3), pp. 577-588, 2018.

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Wang, R; Bi, S; Presser, V; Feng, G

Systematic comparison of force fields for molecular dynamic simulation of Au(111)/Ionic liquid interfaces Journal Article

Fluid Phase Equilibria, 463 (1), pp. 106-113, 2018.

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Krüner, B; Schreiber, A; Tolosa, A; Quade, A; Badaczewski, F; Pfaff, T; Smarsly, B M; Presser, V

Nitrogen-containing novolac-derived carbon beads as electrode material for supercapacitors Journal Article

Carbon, 132 (1), pp. 220-231, 2018.

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Yan, R; Heil, T; Presser, V; Walczak, R; Antonietti, M; Oschatz, M

Ordered mesoporous carbons with high micropore content and tunable structure prepared by combined hard and salt templating as electrode materials in electric double-layer capacitors Journal Article

Advanced Sustainable Systems, 2 (2), pp. 1700128, 2018.

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Suss, M E; Presser, V

Water desalination with energy storage electrode materials Journal Article

Joule, 2 (1), pp. 10-15, 2018.

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Jäckel, N

Structure and properties of supercapacitor and lithium-ion battery electrodes: The role of material, electrolyte, binder, and additives PhD Thesis

Saarland University, 2018.

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Tolosa, A; Fleischmann, S; Grobelsek, I; Quade, A; Lim, E; Presser, V

Binder-free hybrid titanium-niobium oxide/carbon nanofiber mats for lithium-ion battery electrodes Journal Article

ChemSusChem, 11 (1), pp. 159-170, 2018.

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