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A. Härtel; M. Janssen; D. Weingarth; V. Presser; R. van Roij

Heat-to-current conversion of low-grade heat from a thermocapacitive cycle by supercapacitors Journal Article

In: Energy & Environmental Science, 8 (8), pp. 2396-2401, 2015.

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Journal Articles


H. H. Hauge; V. Presser; O. S. Burheim

In-situ and ex-situ measurements of thermal conductivity of supercapacitors Journal Article

In: Energy, 78 (1), pp. 373-383, 2014.

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N. Jäckel; D. Weingarth; M. Zeiger; M. Aslan; I. Grobelsek; V. Presser

Comparison of carbon onions and carbon blacks as conductive additives for carbon supercapacitors in organic electrolytes Journal Article

In: Journal of Power Sources, 272 (1), pp. 1122-1133, 2014.

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B. B. Sales; O. S. Burheim; S. Porada; V. Presser; C. J. N. Buisman; H. V. M. Hamelers

Extraction of energy from small thermal differences near room temperature using capacitive membrane technology Journal Article

In: Environmental Science & Technology Letters, 1 (9), pp. 356-360, 2014.

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