• Welcome to the Energy Materials Group!

    We explore, create, and apply materials for electrochemical applications.

  • (Nano)Materials

    We design materials on the nanoscale.

  • 2D Materials

    Synthesis and exploration of MXene, MBene, TMD, and more.

  • Energy storage

    We explore batteries, supercapacitors, and hybrid devices.

  • Electrochemical desalination

    Energy-efficient removal, recovery, and separation of ions.

  • Direct lithium-ion extraction

    Novel ways for Li-ion recovery from battery recycling and seawater.

  • Fuel cell desalination

    We explore metal air and fuel cell desalination concepts.

  • In situ experimentation

    Tracking electrochemical processes while they happen.

  • Digital materials

    Digital twinning of materials and processes complements simulations.