New paper published in ChemSusChem on a new multi-channel system to significantly boost the desalination capacity for capacitive deionization.

New paper published on the use of electrospun SiOC with tin nanoparticles as lithium ion battery electrodes in Sustainable Energy & Fuels. Also, new paper published on inverse vulcanization with carbon onions for lithium sulfur batteries in Sustainable Energy & Fuels.

New paper published in Chemistry of Materials on the use of titanium disulfide as sodium intercalation material in aqueous media. In our quest to establish ion intercalation materials for water desalination, we demonstrate titanium disulfide as a battery-like electrode material highly suited to remove sodium ions from saline solutions. Pairing with nanoporous carbon to accomplish chlorine removal, no ion exchange membrane is needed in this hybrid Faradaic desalination concept.