New paper published in ChemSusChem shows the high desalination performance that can be achieved with the use of lignin-derived activated carbon. Considering the low cost and high availability of lignin, lignin-derived activated carbons are very attractive electrode materials. Our work show the importance to carefully balance the potential and charge of a desalination cell and to carefully consider the intrinsic chemical charge. Only by doing so, we were able to capitalize on the beneficial properties of lignin-derived activated carbon; a “conventional” symmetric cell yielded only a very poor performance instead.

New paper published in ChemSusChem on the use of ion-specific insertion potentials to switch the ion-uptake preference of titanium disulfide. Our proof of concept work exemplifies the switchable preference of titanium disulfide to uptake either Cs or Mg. We expect our concept to be adaptable to many other ionic systems and other electrode materials

New paper published in Batteries & Supercaps on the enhanced rate handling ability of valence-tuned lithium titanate for use in lithium-ion batteries. Our work was done in collaboration with Bosch and is being featured on the front cover of the inaugural issue of the journal.