Open positions

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There are currently several  positions available (PhD student, Postdoc, Master Thesis). Contact us for more information.

A guide to a successful initiative application

  • Do not send DOC or DOCX files; only send a PDF file (virus concerns)
  • Do not send multiple files; only send one attachment
  • Do not provide any incorrect or misleading statements
  • Highlight 3-5 of your key publications: why are they relevant? what was your contribution?
  • Explain why you want to work at INM / our team / this topic
  • Provide at least one (better: two) letters of recommendation
  • Outline what you bring to our team (topic, skills, etc.)
  • Certify your English skills (e.g., TOEFL > 100)
  • Generic “respected Sir” emails will not be considered.
  • We value diversity and we encourage individuals self-identifying as a member of a minority group to apply.
  • It is particularly important to us that our diversity in ethnicity, religious and political beliefs, sexual orientation, and gender is respected by each group member (present + future).
  • Your application documents will be deleted after 6 months in alignment with German data protection regulations.
  • We are often unable to respond to each individual application considering the large number of application submission. Rest assured: all incoming applications are considered.