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There are currently several  positions available (PhD student, Postdoc, Master/Bachelor). Contact us for more information. We are also encouraging applicants seeking a host for their research scholarship.


Send your eMail application to:


A guide to a successful initiative application

  • Do not send DOC or DOCX files; only send a PDF file (virus concerns)
  • Do not send multiple files; only send one attachment (max. 15 MB)
  • Do not provide any incorrect or misleading statements
  • Highlight 3-5 of your key publications: why are they relevant? what was your contribution?
  • Explain why you want to work at INM / our team / this topic
  • Provide at least one (better: two) letters of recommendation
  • Outline what you bring to our team (topic, skills, etc.)
  • Certify your English skills (e.g., TOEFL > 100)
  • Generic “respected Sir” emails will not be considered.
  • We value diversity and we encourage individuals self-identifying as a member of a minority group to apply.
  • It is particularly important to us that our diversity in ethnicity, religious and political beliefs, sexual orientation, and gender is respected by each group member (present + future).
  • Your application documents will be deleted after 6 months in alignment with German data protection regulations.
  • We are often unable to respond to each individual application considering the large number of application submission. Rest assured: all incoming applications are considered. We often can only reply to those individuals with who we seek to set up an appointment for an interview. Interviews are, these days, most commonly done via ZOOM.