New paper published in ACS Applied Energy Materials on the use of the MicroJet reactor for the synthesis of SiOC beads for lithium-ion battery applications. This work was in collaboration with Guido Kickelbick of Saarland University.

New article published in Energy Storage Materials on the use of ionic liquids in asymmetric hybrid supercapacitors. This work was done in cooperation with two industrial partners: Bosch and Iolitec.

Nicolas Jäckel has successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Structure and properties of supercapacitor and lithium-ion battery electrodes: The role of material, electrolyte, binder, and additives”.

New paper published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces on molybdenum oxide / carbon hybrids for energy storage. Using atomic layer deposition, our work highlights the importance of nanoscale material engineering to yield an optimized performance of hybrid lithium ion capacitors. This work was in collaboration with the INP Greifswald, which is a sister Leibniz institute.

Welcome new group members Marc Schmidt, Maike Ulbricht, and Yuan Zhang! Ms. Ulbricht and Mr. Schmidt are our new student interns from Saarland University. Ms. Zhang starts as a PhD student working on Faradaic materials and has a master’s degree from Ulm University.