New article published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces with the title “Self-sustained visible-light-driven electrochemical redox desalination”. This work was highly collaborative, including T. D. Waite (UNSW Sidney), and as lead scientist Fuming Chen (South China Normal University).

New review article published in Chemical Reviews on pseudocapacitors, their science, material perspectives, and applications. This work was done in collaboration with Veronica Augustyn (NC State University), Cheng Zhan (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), and De-en Jiang (University of California).

New paper published in Nature Reviews Materials on electrochemical desalination for the removal of ions (ranging from removal of undesired ions to elemental recovery and advanced ion management). The paper was created in collaboration with Doron Aurbach (Bar-Ilan University), Jeyong Yoon (Seoul National University), and Xiao Su (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).

Welcome new student intern Behnoosh Bornamehr (from Saarland University) and scientist Tamara Winter (from TU Darmstadt)! Behnoosh is working on advanced electrode materials and Tamara will enhance our research on soft electrode technology.