New paper published in Nature Communications on the energy storage mechanisms of iodide redox electrolytes. This work was done in collaboration with TU Graz (among others: Christian Prehal & Qamar Abbas).

New paper published in Advanced Science on the enhanced desalination performance of Ag-MXene hybrid electrode materials operated as an membrane desalination device. This work was done in collaboration with Jie Ma (Tongji University).

New paper published in Chemical Communications on the novel synthesis of MXene via ionic liquids. This process replaces the use of HF or LiF/HCl mixtures. The work was done in collaboration with Michael Naguib (Tulane University) and the Leibniz INP (Greifswald).

Welcome to our team! Marie Besch and Lola Bieber are enrolled in the EEIGM program, an international (European) Master program. Marie will be supporting our research activities related to MXene and Lola will work on electrodes for selective ion recovery.