Congratulations to Dr. Hwirim Shim! Hwirim has successfully defended her thesis entitled “Nano-design of metal oxide electrodes for Li- and Na-ion hybrid energy storage” today. The committee included Guido Kickelbick, Tobias Kraus, and Frank Aubertin.

New paper published in Nature Communications on the ion transport in carbon nanopores. The charge storage kinetics (and discharge process) of ionic liquid supercapacitors can significantly be enhanced when employing non-conventional charge/discharge profiles – and: slower is faster! This work was done in collaboration with colleagues from Stuttgart (both MPI for Intelligent Systems and University of Stuttgart), Slavko Kondrat (Institute of Physical Chemistry, Poland), and Layla Mehdi (University of Liverpool, UK).

New paper published in Energy Technology on the benefits (and design considerations) of carbon onion / lithium titanate hybrid electrodes for advanced lithium-ion battery applications.