New paper published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A on the use of metal sulfide / graphene electrodes for use in ionic liquid supercapacitors. This work was done in collaboration with colleagues from the Czech Republic (among others: Palacky University and University of Pardubice) and spearheaded by Aristides Bakandritsos and his Ph.D. student Smita V. Talande. We are grateful to be featured on the back cover.

Our Li-recovery project MERLIN enjoys media coverage by the Saarlandian TV (Aktueller Bericht, 30.10.2020), Saarbrücker Zeitung (24.11.2020), and SR Radio (SR3, 10.12.2020). We are grateful to the RAG Foundation for providing funding.

New paper published in Carbon on the effect of pore geometry on hydrogen storage. This work was done in collaboration with several groups from UK, France, and Singapore and lead by the team from University of Bristol (Velaska Ting).