I gratefully acknowledge that today, my google scholar h-index reached a new, round number: 60! This is a great achievement and testament the hard work of our team and to our many collaborators!


New paper published in Macromolecular Rapid Communications on mechanochromic and pH dependend properties of dye loaded opal structures. This work was done in collaboration with Markus Gallei (Saarland University).

New paper published in ChemSusChem on the use of carbide-derived oxide for high performance lithium-ion battery application. The mechanochemical synthesis of the carbide is of particular interest because of potentially environmentally friendly processing route. This work was done in collaboration with Lars Borchardt (RUB).

New paper published in Journal of Materials Chemistry A on the use of antimony for water desalination. This may sound, at first, like a contradiction when considering that Sb is not stable in water; yet, the use of a ceramic membrane and an organic electrolyte environment engulfing the antimony electrode allows the stable and high-performance removal of sodium via the antimony – sodium – alloying reaction.