New paper in Carbon on hydrogen densification in carbon nanopore confinement: Insights from small-angle neutron scattering using a hierarchical contrast model from our long-term collaboration with Oskar Paris (Montanuniversität Leoben).

New paper published in Langmuir on emerging frontiers in multichannel membrane capacitive deionization. Spearheaded by our group alumni Choonsoo Kim, together with Hyunjin Kim, Seonghwan Kim, and Byeongho Lee from Kongju National University, our joint work dives deep into the advancements and future prospects of MC-MCDI technology. We explore how this innovative approach not only pushes the boundaries of efficiency and sustainability in addressing global water scarcity but also sets new benchmarks for electrochemical desalination.

Volker Presser gives a seminar talk with the title “Electrochemical desalination and Lithium-ion extraction” at the École normale supérieure on invitation of former group member Lucie Ries.