Öznil Budak and Volker Presser present work at the MRS Spring Meeting in Phoenix

Our team has two active contributions at the 2019 MRS Spring Meeting in Phoenix, USA. On April 25th, Öznil Budak is giving an oral presentation entitled “Facile synthesis of vanadium (III) oxide/carbon core/shell hybrid particles as an anode for lithium-ion batteries”. On April 24th, Volker Presser is giving an invited oral presentation entitled “Perspectives on water desalination with ion intercalation compounds”.

Several contributions at the ISE conference in Bologna

There are several contributions of our team at the 69th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) in Bologna, Italy. On September 6th, Simon Fleischmann will give an oral presentation entitled “Asymmetric hybrid supercapacitors using molybdenum oxide / carbon nanotube hybrid anodes”, Volker Presser will give a keynote presentation entitled “Water desalination with ion intercalation electrode materials”, and Juhan Lee will give an oral presentation entitled “Faradaic desalination with carbon/metal oxide nanohybrid electrodes”. There will also be two poster presentations: on September 4th, Juhan Lee will present a poster entitled “Potential-dependent, switchable ion selectivity in aqueous media using titanium disulfide”, and on September 5th, Pattarachai Srimuk will present a poster entitled “Potential-dependent, switchable ion selectivity in aqueous media using titanium disulfide”.

Simon Fleischmann and Jaehoon Choi present work at INASCON in Trondheim

The  International Nanoscience Student Conference (INASCON) is taking place this year in Trondheim, Norway. On August 8th, Simon Fleischmann gives an oral presentation entitled “Design of carbon/metal oxide hybrids for electrochemical energy storage”. On August 9th, Jaehoon Choi gives an oral presentation entitled “Synthesis and characterization of a nanostructured lamellar vanadium disulfide / carbon hybrid material”.

Two contributions at the 2018 MRS Spring Meeting in Phoenix

This year, we have to oral presentations at the Annual Spring Meeting of the Materials Research Society (MRS) in Phoenix, USA. Simon Fleischmann gives a talk entitled “Tailored Mesoporous Carbon/Vanadium Pentoxide Hybrid Materials for Pseudocapacitive Lithium and Sodium Intercalation” on April 3rd. This work was in collaboration with Lars Borchardt (TU Dresden). Aura Tolosa gives a talk entitled “Hybrid titanium-niobium oxide/carbon electrospun nanofibers as lithium-ion battery electrodes” on April 6th.

Several contributions at the 2017 PhD student symposium of Saarland University

Like all years before, our team is again making a major contribution to the PhD student poster symposium of Saarland University. The event is being held in the Aula from 2-4 PM.

  • Simon Fleischmann: Carbon onion / metal oxide: hybridization or nanocomposite? What system can deliver a better performance for electrochemical energy storage?
  • Nicolas Jäckel: Performance evaluation of conductive additives for supercapacitor electrodes
  • Benjamin Krüner: Novolac‐derived carbon beads for LiS‐batteries, supercapacitors, and capacitive deionization
  • Juhan Lee: Redox electrolytes for high performance electrochemical energy storage
  • Hwirim Shim: Lithium titanium oxide/carbon onion hybrid as an anode material for lithium ion batteries
  • Aura Tolosa: Continuous hybrid fibers: highways for rapid electron transport in battery electrodes