Nikolaos Papadopolous presents a poster at the Advanced Battery Power Conference in Münster, Germany with the title “Electrochemical Modeling of Gr/Si Lithium-Ion Batteries with prolonged Relaxation Times considering Kinetic, Mechanical, and Geometric Cell Characteristics”.

Congratulations to Stefanie! Her poster “High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries with High Stability Derived from Titanium-Oxide- and Sulfur-Loaded Carbon”, a direct result from our collaboration within the FWF-DFG project SPHEROGELS, won 2nd place in the Energy Category at the 2024 RSC Poster competition!

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Volker Presser gives a seminar talk with the title “Electrochemical desalination and Lithium-ion extraction” at the École normale supérieure on invitation of former group member Lucie Ries.

Stefanie Arnold presents work on electrochemical lithium ion battery recycling at the LithiumDays 2023 in Halle, Germany.

Three contributions at the Lorentz Center Workshop on Electrochemical Energy Storage in 2D and Layered Materials with two poster presentations and an oral (virtual) talk on “MXene and hybrid electrodes for high performance energy storage”.

Volker Presser gives an oral presentation at the Conference on the Safety of Advanced Materials in Saarbrücken on the topic “Synthesis and recycling of MXene electrodes for high performance energy storage”.

Volker Presser gives an online seminar with the title “Electrochemical Lithium-Ion Extraction” at DIFFER (Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research).

Work of our group has been presented at the 6th International Conference on Battery Deionization & Electrochemical Separation (BDI&E 2023). Former group member, Prof. Choonsoo Kim, presented joint work on “Redox-mediated Electrodialysis for Valorization of Tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH) from Semiconductor Wastewater”. Volker Presser gave an online talk on “Continuous and intermittent direct electrochemical lithium extraction”.

Jean Ruthes and Volker Presser present at the 2nd Franco-German Summer Workshop on High Power Devices in Nantes (France).

Volker speaks about “MXene and hybrid electrodes for high performance energy storage” on the 21st of June.

Jean speaks about “Hydrogel-based flexible energy storage using electrodes based on polypyrrole and carbon threads” on the 23rd of June.

Volker Presser gives an online talk entitled “Electrochemical Desalination” as part of the Nanohubs Program of the Department of Science and Technology in the Philippines within the Theme “Empowering Young Filipino Researchers for an Emerging Technology Ready Philippines”.

Joint work is presented by the Gallei Group at the Macromolecular Colloquium Freiburg (MAKRO 2023). Check out our paper with the title “Stabilizing isoporous, self-assembled block copolymer structures in membranes and cellulose hybrid materials” if you attend the event!

Volker Presser presents our team’s work on Lithium-ion harvesting from aqueous media, including mine water, at a symposium organized by the Saarlandian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) on circularity and battery recycling.

Stefanie Arnold gives an oral presentation with the title “Design Matters: The Path to High-Performance Antimony / MXene Hybrid Electrodes for Sodium-Ion Batteries” at the MSE2022 conference in Darmstadt. This was joint work with Riccardo Ruffo‘s team and Stefano Marchionna (Italy).

Behnoosh Bornamehr gives an oral presentation on her research on electrospinning. Her talk is aptly titled “Too fast, too brittle: a study on heat treatment parameters for free-standing vanadium oxide electrodes”.

Mohammad Torkamanzadeh gives an oral presentation entitled “MXene for Electrochemical Water Desalination” at the 15th International Ceramics Congress CIMTEC in Perugia, Italy.


Stefanie Arnold gives an oral presentation entitled “Design of High-Performance Antimony / MXene Hybrid Electrodes for Sodium-Ion Batteries”. Her talk on June 1st, 3 PM local time, is part of the Symposium A01 on batteries. This work is the latest outcome of our collaboration with the group and team of Riccardo Ruffo (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca) and Stefano Marchionna (Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico). Special thanks to visiting Ph.D. student Antonio Gentile from Riccardo’s team!

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Dr. Samantha Husmann gives an oral presentation entitled “Ionic Liquid-Based Synthesis of 2D MXenes Nanocarbides” at the 2022 MRS Spring Meeting in Hawaii, USA (May 9th, 9 AM local time). Her presentation is part of the Symposium NM03—2D MXenes—Synthesis, Properties and Applications, organized by Babak Anasori (Indiana University-Purdue University), Christina Birkel (Arizona State University), Chong Min Koo (Korea Institute of Science & Technology), and Valeria Nicolosi (Trinity College Dublin).

Volker Presser will be giving an invited oral presentation at the MaterialsWeek 2021 on “Ion mining: electrochemical extraction of ions from mine water and other aqueous media” on September 7th.

Mohammad Torkamanzadeh is giving an oral presentation entitled “Electrochemical seawater desalination with Ti3C2Tz MXene” at the 31st International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials (online due to COVID-19). Tune in on September 6th at 4:40 PM.

Two contributions from our team at the GDCh Science Forum Chemistry 2021:

Mohammad Torkamanzadeh is giving an oral presentation entitled “MXene for electrochemical water treatment” on August 31st at 2:50 PM.

Lei Wang is presenting a poster entitled “Evolution of electrochemical desalination technologies”.