Stefanie Arnold presents work on MXene / antimony hybrid electrodes for high performance energy storage at the ECS conference in Vancouver (online)

Stefanie Arnold gives an oral presentation entitled “Design of High-Performance Antimony / MXene Hybrid Electrodes for Sodium-Ion Batteries”. Her talk on June 1st, 3 PM local time, is part of the Symposium A01 on batteries. This work is the latest outcome of our collaboration with the group and team of Riccardo Ruffo (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca) and Stefano Marchionna (Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico). Special thanks to visiting Ph.D. student Antonio Gentile from Riccardo’s team!

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Samantha Husmann presenting work on MXene synthesis at the 2022 MRS Spring Meeting

Dr. Samantha Husmann gives an oral presentation entitled “Ionic Liquid-Based Synthesis of 2D MXenes Nanocarbides” at the 2022 MRS Spring Meeting in Hawaii, USA (May 9th, 9 AM local time). Her presentation is part of the Symposium NM03—2D MXenes—Synthesis, Properties and Applications, organized by Babak Anasori (Indiana University-Purdue University), Christina Birkel (Arizona State University), Chong Min Koo (Korea Institute of Science & Technology), and Valeria Nicolosi (Trinity College Dublin).

Volker Presser presents work on electrochemical desalination with MXene at the ACS Conference

Volker Presser is giving an invited oral presentation entitled “Electrochemical water desalination with MXene” at the 2021 ACS Fall Meeting in Atlanta, USA. Due to the pandemic situation, the contribution was made via video from Saarbrücken. His contribution was part of the special symposium honoring Yury Gogotsi for receiving the American Chemical Society (ACS) Chemistry of Materials Award.

Several presentations at the 29th ISE Topical Meeting

We have several contributions to the 29th ISE Topical Meeting Energy and water: electrochemistry in securing the sustainable society development. On April 19th, Yuan Zhang is giving an oral presentation on “Sub-nanometer carbon confinement: pore size effect on ion permselectivity and selectivity”. On April 21st, Volker Presser is giving an oral presentation on “Beyond the double-layer: charge-transfer processes for high-performance desalination batteries”. Also, Stefanie Arnold is giving an oral poster presentation on “Antimony alloying electrode for high-performance sodium removal: how to use a battery material not stable in aqueous media for saline water remediation”.