New paper published in Carbon on the use of activated carbon cloth for capacitive deionization. Our work dissects the influence of cell voltage and carbon pore structure on the performance during capacitive deionization operation using commercially available carbon cloth (trademark name Kynol).

Nicolas Jäckel is not only selected Fellow to participate at this year’s Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting (impressive considering the tough competition internationally), but is also partaking in a TV show with the title “emotions instead of facts: do we mistrust science?”. The podium discussion includes also German Federal Minister for Education and Research Prof. Johanna Wanka, Prof. Helga Nowotny (former President of the European Research Council), and Andreas Sentker (Managing Editor at Die Zeit).

Tune in ARD Alpha on June 28th, at 8:15 PM (Link to the show).

Missed the show? Click here to read the transcript of the show.

Also click here to access the coverage of the event by the UdS web magazine “campus”.

New paper published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A on the promising features of the ZnI2 redox energy storage system. Using activated carbon cloth electrode and a Zn electrode, we achieve a high energy storage performance of 226 Wh/kg and a higher power of 20 kW/kg. The unique strength of iodide adsorption allows stable and efficient operation even without ion exchange membranes.

New paper published in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP) on extracting a 3D pore model of nanoporous carbons used for double-layer applications (esp. supercapacitors). This work was the latest outcome from our collaboration with Oskar Paris at Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria.

New paper published in ChemSusChem on using mechanochemical solvent-free synthesis of nitrogen doped nanoporous carbon for supercapacitor electrodes. This work stems from our collaboration with the Junior Investigator Group of Lars Borchardt (TU Dresden) and is being featured on the back cover of the current issue of ChemSusChem.

Today, Volker Presser has his 5-year anniversary as Group Leader at INM.