Volker Presser is giving a 90 min lecture at the Edgar Lüscher Seminar in Dillingen with the title “Carbon nanomaterials”.

New paper published in ChemSusChem on the use of vanadium pentoxide decorated multiwall carbon nanotubes for energy efficient desalination of brackish water and sea water. This work was in collaboration with the Chair of Functional Materials of Saarland University.

Welcome our new EEIGM Master students Sidonie Carpier and Rose Zwingelstein! Both students will be working on electrochemical materials and will be with us for the next half-year.

New paper published in Journal of Physical Chemistry C on ion electrosorption of ionic liquids. Using the synergy of electrochemical dilatometry and electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance methodology, important information can be derived. We found that the charging mechanism at low charge is characterized by the exchange of more smaller ions by fewer larger ions. At higher charges, the system is changing to preferred counterion adsorption, which is resulting in a strong increase in the electrode volume. This work was in collaboration with Bernhard Roling from Philipps-Universität Marburg.

Volker Presser is giving the “Materials in Society’ Lecture” at the International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials (DCM) in Gothenburg, Sweden. The title of the oral presentation on September, 6th,  is: “Carbon and carbon hybrid materials for electrochemical desalination”.