New paper published in Chemistry of Materials on the use of atomic layer deposition (ALD)  to synthesize hybrid electrode materials of tailored mesoporous carbon and vanadium oxide. Using optimized carbon pore structures, pore blocking can be avoided and promising energy storage capacities are enabled for lithium and sodium ion electrolytes.

New paper published in Desalination on the use of a novel multi-channel membrane capacitive deionization unit (using carbon cloth electrodes) for semi-continuous desalination.

Nicolas Jäckel is presenting an invited oral presentation at the 232nd ECS Meeting in National Harbor near Washington D.C. in the USA. His presentation is titled “In situ monitoring of mechanical properties via multi-length scale approach”.

Welcome to our new student intern Jaehoon Choi. Coming from the Korea University of Technology and Education (Koreatech), he is part of the exchange program and is already the fourth student we have in our team.