Simon Fleischmann has successfully defended his thesis “Hybridization ofelectrochemical energy storage: nanohybrid materials and hybrid cellarchitectures for high energy, power, and stability”.

Benjamin Krüner has successfully defended his thesis “Polymer-derived carbides and carbons with andwithout nitrogen-doping for electrochemical energy applications”.

Aura Tolosa has successfully defended her thesis “Electrospun carbon hybridfibers as binder-free electrodes for electrochemical energy storage”.

Our PhD students Öznil Budak, Hwirim Shim, and Simon Fleischmann present their work as poster contributions on today’s PhD Day of Saarland University at 2 PM in the Aula.

New a paper published in Langmuir on the ability to track solvation / desolvation or other constitutional changes with eQCM for carbon or insertion/intercalation materials. This work was in collaboration with Guang Feng (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) and Christian Prehal (Graz University of Technology).