New paper published in ACS Nano on the significantly reduced wear on a metal surface after electro-spray coating with MXene. The work was spearheaded by colleages from Austria (TU Vienna) and Saarland University (MECS), and capitalized on the synergy of collaboration between Austria, Chile, China, Germany, and the United States of America. Our work also was featured in the news, for example:

New paper published in Cell Reports Physical Science on the use of a conventional fuel cell concept, enhanced by an additional flow channel, for the facile and continuous desalination of seawater. The device consumes oxygen and hydrogen gas and produced electricity, desalted water, and an acid/base couple which conveniently can be used to generate heat.

Volker Presser presents on May 12th at the CDI&E 2021 conference work on desalination fuel cells with the title “Charge-transfer enabling of electrochemical interfaces: the third generation of capacitive deionization”.

Our collaborative MXene tribology work to-be-published in ACS Nano tracks media attention:

New paper published in Macromolecular Rapid Communications. Our collaborative with with colleagues from Saarland University (teams of Markus Gallei and Andre Schäfer) and TU Darmstadt shows the synthesis of polyferocenylmethylene and its properties (showcasing reversible electrochemistry).

Volker Presser is supporting the junior research academy of the German Research Foundation (DFG) “Keramische Werkstoffe: Von den Grundlagen zur Anwendung” with a talk on how to “Boldly go into the unknown”.