New paper published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A. Our work entitled “Design of high-performance antimony/MXene hybrid electrodes for sodium-ion batteries” explores the synergy of the 2D nanomaterial MXene (conductive, nanotextured) and antimony (large sodium-ion storage capacity via alloying). This work is the latest outcome of our collaboration with the group and team of Riccardo Ruffo (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca) and Stefano Marchionna (Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico). Special thanks to visiting Ph.D. student Antonio Gentile from Riccardo’s team!

Dr. Samantha Husmann was selected to attend the prestigious 2022 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. She is one of only 611 young scientists selected in a highly competitive process from across the globe. This year, the topic is chemistry, perfectly reflected by Samantha’s research on next generation electrochemical materials (including, but not limited to, Prussian blue and Prussian blue analogues). Her positive energy and visionary research perspective will enrich the LINO22!

New paper published in Nature Energy entitled “Continuous transition from double-layer to Faradaic charge storage in confined electrolytes”. Our paper explores the fascinating world from ion electrosorption transitioning towards Faradaic processes when electrolytes are nanoconfined. This work was a collaboration with several groups, espcially the team of Veronica Augustyn (NC State), Yury Gogotsi (Drexel), Patrice Simone (Toulouse) and more.