Chandrasekaran Sakthi Vigneshwaran is a Master student working on next-generation Prussian blue based electrode materials for advanced batteries. Congratulations on being awarded a three month fellowship by the StudienStiftungSaar!

New paper published in Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry on “Recent advances in wastewater treatment using semiconductor photocatalysts”. Can’t decide if you like water remediation or photocatalysis/semiconductors more? They both make a great match! Read about synergies and future possibilities in our latest review article in Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry. The team of Prof. Xiao Su (Jaeyoung Hong & Ki-Hyun Cho) and I explore this interesting interfacial research – interfacial in double meaning: at the interface of fluid and solid, and at the interface of material science/electrochemistry and water research. It is exciting to explore semiconductors, for example, to target emerging contaminants, such as perfluorinated compounds.