Volker Presser attended the RIC2D symposium “unlocking the challenges of water scarcity: 2D materials in action” and gave an oral presentation on “Electrochemical Desalination with MXene”.

Nikolaos Papadopolous presents a poster at the Advanced Battery Power Conference in Münster, Germany with the title “Electrochemical Modeling of Gr/Si Lithium-Ion Batteries with prolonged Relaxation Times considering Kinetic, Mechanical, and Geometric Cell Characteristics”.

The IOP Journal “Materials Futures” has included our paper led by alumnus Qingsong Wang in the collection of the “Materials Futures 2023 Best Paper Award”.

J. Wang, S.L. Dreyer, K. Wang, Z. Ding, T. Diemant, G. Karkera, Y. Ma, A. Sarkar, B. Zhou, M.V. Gorbunov, A. Omar, D. Mikhailova, V. Presser, M. Fichtner, H. Hahn, T. Brezesinski, B. Breitung, Q. Wang, P2-type layered high-entropy oxides as sodium-ion cathode materials, Materials Futures 1(3) (2022) 035104.