Congratulations to our alumni Dr. Simon Fleischmann (PhD 2018) for winning the 2020 YESS Award to carry out research to investigate the transition from Faradaic to non-Faradaic energy storage (RS2E French Research Network on Electrochemical Energy Storage) and Dr. Pattarachai Srimuk (PhD 2019) for winning the 2020 UMSICHT Award (Fraunhofer UMSICHT) and the Leibniz Dissertation Award (Leibniz Association) for work on desalination batteries.

Welcome to our team! Fabian Schmitt will support our research activities related to environmentally friendly energy storage technologies. Florian is enrolled at the materials science and engineering bachelor program ATLANTIS, which is a binational program between Saarland University and the Oregon State University.

New paper published in Carbon on monitoring the thermally induced transition from sp3-hybridized into sp2-hybridized. This work was done in collaboration with the group of Bernd Smarsly (Justus Liebig Universität Gießen, Germany).