New paper published in Chemical Engineering Journal. The work with the title “Electro-assisted removal of polar and ionic organic compounds from water using activated carbon felt” was done in collaboration with the Department of Environmental Engineering at the UFZ site in Leipzig.

New paper published in Macromolecular Rapid Communications. The paper is entitled “Nanoporous block copolymer membranes with enhanced solvent resistance via UV-mediated cross-linking strategies” and was done in collaboration with the Gallei Group at Saarland University and partners at University of Freiburg and TU Darmstadt. The work is featured on the front cover of the journal.

New paper published in Advanced Energy Materials. Our work used densely carboxylated but conducting
graphene derivative (graphene acid) to enable effective operation without compromising the mechanical or chemical stability of the electrode. In our studies, we found a maximum performance of 800 mAh/g at a rate of 0.05 A/g and 174 mAh/g at 2.0 A/g. This Czech-German work was done in strong collaboration especially with the team of Aristides Bakandritsos from the Technical University of Ostrava.

It was an honor to meet and talk with Saarland Minister-President (prime minister) Tobias Hans during his visit to INM. We discussed our research on alternative batteries and energy-efficient lithium-ion-battery recycling. Read more about the visit online and on LinkedIn (our LinkedIn, the INM LinkedIn, and the PM’s LinkedIn). We are grateful that, the very next day, the state TV broadcasting station Saarländischer Rundfunk paid us also a visit and made a 2 min clip about our recycling project, kindly financially supported by the EU via European Regional Development Fund. The clip aired during the very popular segment “Aktueller Bericht“, and you can watch it via access to the SR Mediathek.