New paper published in ACS Nano on ion structure formation of supercapacitors

New paper published in ACS Nano on ionic structure transition within carbon nanopores that enhance the charge/discharge kinetics of electrical double-layer capacitors. Different from the traditional view that a smaller pore results in slower charging, a non-monotonic relation is found between the charging rate and pore size, in which the charging process is accelerated in some sub-1-nm pores. This work was done in collaboration with Guang Feng (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) and Yury Gogotsi (Drexel University).

New paper published in Electrochimica Acta on electrolytes for 2.8 V hybrid supercapacitors

New paper published in Electrochimica Acta on the influence and best-choice of electrolytes (organic / ionic liquid) when using hybrid supercapacitors operated at 2.8 V. The datae xplore below-ambient and above-ambient temperatures and demonstrates 3-methoxypropionitrile and mixed organic electrolytes as promising ones for specific performance regimes.

New paper published in Desalination on the use of ion exchange membranes for capacitive deionization

New paper published in Desalination. The work with the title “Polymer ion-exchange membranes for capacitive deionization of aqueous media with low and high salt concentration” investigates the desalination performance of ion-exchange membranes coated directly onto carbon electrodes with free-standing ion-exchange membranes at high and low molar strenght. The data show that MCDI enables reasonable desalination even of highly concentrated solutions. The work was done in collaboration with Markus Gallei (Saarland University).

New paper published in Journal of Power Sources on electrospun vanadium sulfide fiber mat electrodes

New paper published in Journal of Power Sources on the synthesis of vanadium sulfide / carbon electrospun, free-standing, binder-free electrodes for lithium-ion battery application. This work was in collaboration with the Max-Planck Institute for Iron Research (Christina Scheu) and the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology (Angela Kruth).

Several poster presentations at the PhD Day of Saarland University

Like every year, we have also in 2019 several contributions to Saarland University’s PhD day.

  • Öznil Budak’s poster is entitled: “Carbide-derived Nb2O5 with an enhanced charge storage capacity for use as lithium-ion battery electrode”
  • Mohammad Torkamanzadeh’s poster is entitled: “Electrochemical seawater desalination using nanolamellar metal carbides (Ti3C2 MXene)”
  • Yuan Zhang’s poster is entitled: “Electrochemical stability of sodium chloride in H2O and D2O in nanoporous carbon electrodes”