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Several Ph.D. students present their work at the Saarland University PhD Day

It is a tradition at the Natural Science Faculty of Universität des Saarlandes to have the annual PhD Day in the Aula. This year, 60 PhD student presented their research, ranging from artificial muscles, to much real mucus, from 3D printed nanofluids to very solid metals, from quantum communication to quorum sensing inhibitors. From our team:

Nikolaos Papadopoulos shared his insights into electrochemical modelling.
薛丽颖 introduced us to the concept of high-entropy battery electrodes.
Jean Gustavo De Andrade Ruthes demonstrated the exciting field of gel electrolytes.
Panyu Ren taught us the value of electrochemical ion separation.
And Le Thao presented the latest results from our collaboration with the spherogel team of Michael Elsaesser on hybrid carbon spherogels for battery applications.