New paper published in Energy Technology on battery research ontology

New paper published in a special issue of Energy Technology on battery research ontology. This work offers a logical framework that seamlessly integrates with digital architecture, enabling efficient visualization, correlation, and prediction capabilities in battery production, research, and development.

The ontology employs a predetermined terminology to specify materials and processes, establishing a chain of unit processes that connect raw materials to the final products of battery cell production. Moreover, it facilitates the attachment of analytical methods, known as characterization methods, to the relevant items. To ensure its suitability for both industrial-scale and laboratory-scale data generation and implementation, extensive workshops and interviews with battery materials and production process experts were conducted during its development.

The ontology encompasses the identification and definition of raw materials and intermediate products across all production steps, ultimately leading to the creation of the battery cell. Standard materials and process chains serve as the foundation for defining steps and items using commonly used terms. Furthermore, the research explores alternative structures and the integration of the ontology with existing ontologies.